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Shop By Sophie was founded by personal stylist Sophie Schneider - a jewelry obsessed, tie-dye everything, beach lover. The collection is an extension of Sophie's world, rooted in fashion styling and forever inspired by the beach and unabashed femininity. The designs are inspired by Sophie's own personal jewelry and accessories wishlist which is full of everyday, wearable pieces that can be stacked in unique ways.

When C-19 came along, Sophie found a way to make wearing a mask fun and stylish by designing a jewelry inspired solution: the mask + sunnies chain.

The masks + sunnies chains

Our chains provide a simple ( and trendy ) solution to wearing your mask. Say goodbye to the ear dangle, neck strap, lost or forgotten mask + glasses struggles we all know too well in this “new norm”. Plus, as a 2in1, Shop By Sophie chains will always be the accessory of choice, even when mask wearing days are behind us.

Shop by Sophie face mask, bag and sunnies
Shop by Sophie face mask + chain

Share smiles, not germs

Jewelry and accessories put a smile on Sophie's face everyday - now wearing her mask does too. Keeping safe is important, so, why not do it in style and with a smile on your face?

Meet Sophie

"I'm a personal stylist from Atlanta, living in Brooklyn with my dog Lou. Accessories have always been able to put a smile on my face. I created Shop By Sophie as an outlet to share my passion for jewelry, and hopefully put a smile on your face, too :)"

- Soph
Shop by Sophie, meet Sophie
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