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jewelry you can live in - 24/7 

affordable jewelry what won't tarnish... UM YES PLEASE!!!

never worry about your jewelry turning colors again! sophie tests out every item for at least 1 week of total 24/7 wear - including but not limited to - showers, baths, cooking, working out, getting caught in the rain, sleeping, boozing, etc. 😉 

*note* items won't turn from just water - depending on what products you use in your daily life, items may change color from external products such as lotion, shower products, bath salts, oil, hand sanitizer, etc. 

chat with soph in the bottom right corner if you have any additional questions regarding the water friendly collection! 

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Lou Chain - Mask + Sunnies


Lou Chain Necklace


Gold Ball Nightlife Bracelet


Star Eye + Pave Smiley Charm Necklace


Sydney Necklace - Snake Chain


The Simple Stack


Sydney Chain Bracelet


Gold Twisted Rope Chain


Tila City Layering Bracelets

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